What is MedLite ID?

MedLite ID is a simple-to-use, disposable medical device enabling clinicians to accurately and efficiently identify the primary medication infusion line, sometimes referred to as the “safe medication push line”, versus similar infusion lines in all light settings.

Why MedLite ID?

Approximately half a million medical-error-related deaths occur annually in the United States. The 9th leading cause of death in those cases are related to infusion confusion and look-alike infusion tubing. For each additional infusion line, the odds of an error increase by 3%. Infusion-related errors are estimated to add more than $2 billion annually to U.S. healthcare costs. MedLite ID can eliminate infusion confusion by ensuring the primary medication infusion line is prominent and visually distinct from all other lines in the environment.

How does MedLite ID work?

MedLite ID reduces the risk of infusion confusion by providing lit indicators at the drip chamber, primary medication injection site and the venous access catheter. By pressing any of the three MedLite ID devices, all three light up. Within seconds, MedLite ID improves patient care, safety and efficiency.

What are the benefits of MedLite ID?

Improving Patient Care

  • Cuts the process of identifying the primary medication line, or safe medication push line, to mere seconds—saving precious time while drastically mitigating risk
  • Makes primary medication line identification less disruptive and improves patient satisfaction
  • Results in less stress on staff, particularly during emergency situations

Improving Patient Safety

  • Drastically reduces the risk of medical errors by illuminating the emergency/primary medication line in all
    ambient lighting
  • Decreases the complexity associated with multiple infusions
  • Provides two methods of differentiation–unlit and lit

Improving Efficiency

  • Reduces the time to identify the primary medication line by approximately one-minute or 35%
  • Takes seconds to apply and use, making training quick and easy
  • Improves efficiency and lessens confusion during patient transports and shift changes
  • Disposable, inexpensive and cost-effective


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