DSU Clinical Study

MedLite ID Trial Testing


School of Nursing


Ten DSU School of Nursing students were used for this study. The study consisted of four infusion lines attached to a mannequin, one of which was the medication line. Each of the students were asked to inject a relaxing drug into the patient’s primary medication line, sometimes referred to as the “safe medication push line”, prior to taking that patient to radiology. Each student was timed, starting when the student knocked on the door to enter the room until he/she found the medication line and began injecting the medication.

After exiting the room, the nursing student was taken to another room and shown the MedLite ID and instructed on how to use it. The four infusion lines were then switched around with the MedLite ID added to the medication line, and the student was asked to go back into the patient’s room and inject the medication into the med line.

All four lines were changed, not to replicate the prior situation. The student was once again timed from the door knock on the patient’s door until the medication was injected into the medication line. This was done exactly the same for ten nursing students individually, so there was no cross over of information from one student to another.


All ten nursing students decreased the time it took them to find the medication line with an overall time savings of 34%, or nearly one minute. All ten nursing students also expressed how the MedLite ID reduced their stress levels.

  • 34% Improvement identifying medication infusion line with MedLite ID
  • Average time savings per trial was 57.3 seconds with just four lines
  • Overall 51% nursing productivity / efficiency improvement
  • Greatly reduces stress of healthcare professional identifying medication infusion line

DSU Mannequin Study Source Data

Trial NumberWithoutWithImprovementImprovementTime SavingsImprovement
Trial #12131011121:5252.58%111%
Trial #2200148520:5226.00%35%
Trial #38961280:2831.46%46%
Trial #413993460:4633.09%49%
Trial #5120110100:158.33%9%
Trial #6190149410:5621.58%28%
Trial #711887310:3126.27%36%
Trial #8228891392:1960.96%156%
Trial #9188144440:4423.40%31%
Trial #10160110500:5031.25%45%
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