MedLite ID Reduces Risks Associated With Multiple Infusion Therapies

The Problem

Over 90% of hospitalized patients receive infusion therapy, yet today’s smart pumps do little to reduce stress for caregivers or decrease the potential for error when working with multiple infusion lines.

  • The ECRI Institute named infusion errors its #1 Healthcare Technology Hazard1 and identified the “Mix-up of IV lines leading to misadministration of drugs and solutions as the fourth leading patient safety concern”.
  • Infusion-related errors are estimated to add more than $2 billion annually to U.S. healthcare costs.
  • A study by Kane-Gill found that each additional IV medication line increased the likelihood of an adverse drug event by 3%

Extensive Industry Studies and Clinical Recommendations

The Ontario Health Technology Advisory Committee commissioned HumanEra to generate evidence-based recommendations to reduce the hazards associated with administering multiple IV infusions to a single patient.

The recommended interventions included:

  • When the primary medication line and infusion pump are set up, primary IV tubing should be labeled at the injection port closest to the patient
  • The label should be prominent and visually distinct from all other labels in the environment
  • Technology can minimize the potential for infusion confusion, specifically with light-linking systems


The Solution: MedLite ID

MedLite ID reduces the risk of infusion confusion by providing lit indicators at the drip chamber, primary medication injection site and the venous access catheter. Within seconds, MedLite ID improves patient care, safety and efficiency.

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